Docility and Brahman Cattle: Breeding ‘Quiet’ Brahman Cattle for Sale – Some Thoughts

Genetics and the science of breeding have fascinated human beings for a long time. The first “caveman” who domesticated a dog, probably chose that dog from among the wolves, choosing an animal that had a “new gene” for docility. Everyone knows that the relationship between dog and man has been one of the most successful in evolution. Similarly too is the relationship between humans and cattle: breeds are bred for their characteristics. Brahman Cattle, for example, are well-known for their heat-resistance and their ability to be cross-bred to make F1s with many great characteristics for beef. We at Moreno Ranches are passionate about superior genetics. One of our proven herd sires here at Moreno Ranches,  +Mr. 3X He’s Got The Look 40/2, was recently ranked among the top 20 in the Brahman breed for docility.

Brahman Cattle and Breeding in ‘Quiet’ Docility

One of the newer ideas in cattle breeding is docility. Breeding Brahman cattle as it were, not just for their heat resistance or superior beef qualities, but for their personalities. It is well-known that the breed is already one of the more gentle.  There are many, many photos of children next to the cattle, something that one might not see with the Angus breed, for example.  A November, 2010, study by the American Angus Assocation, for example, goes very in-depth to measure the docility of cattle, with a six-point scoring system.  “1” being the most docile, and “6” being the most aggressive.  According to the study –

Cattle behavior has been documented to influence economically important traits. Researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) have studied cattle temperament as related to beef cattle production systems, handling facilities and carcass end product. Data from the Iowa Tri-County Steer Carcass Brahman Docility - Quiet Brahman Cattle for SaleFuturity (TCSCF) reflects a difference of $62.19 per head in net dollars returned between the most docile category vs. the most aggressive category of cattle evaluated. Quality grade was also greatly enhanced in the more docile cattle, with double the percentage of carcasses grading USDA Prime and premium Choice.

You can read the full study, here.

Moreno Ranches: Superior Genetics & Brahman Docility

In the recent ABBA trait leader report, one of our senior herd sires ranked among the top twenty in the breed for docility: +MR 3X. (Read it here). Here’s a little about him. Mr 3X He’s Got The Look 40/2 is the past ’95 National Champion bull that won every show he was ever shown in. 40/2 is a legendary bull that has produced so many great ones over the years. Many of the distinguished Brahman breeders would say he is one of the most influential bulls from the 1990’s. Currently one of his sons, LB Mr Derringer Manso 953/3, is being used in Locke Brother Red Brahman program and is widely influencing the breed in Australia as well.

Breeding Docile, Quiet Brahman Cattle

What this might mean for the Brahman Cattle industry is that we have a ‘natural advantage’ in breeding Brahman cattle for docility.  Breeding ‘Quiet Brahman Cattle’ might seem a bit touchy-feely, but the economics of the attribute speak for themselves. What do you think?

Reviews and Testimonials about Moreno Ranches: Thank You!

Next to our passion for Brahman Cattle, we have a passion for our customers. We want to grow Moreno Ranches, and as we grow support the Brahman Cattle industry, everything from Juniors just starting out to savvy established ranchers raising their own Brahman cattle or hybrids.  We want to send a profound “thank you” to some of our recent reviews and testimonials.  Here are just a few –

“Kelvin Moreno and Moreno Ranches run a first class operation. Their attention to every detail has made all of our experiences with them a pleasure.”
-Stacey Panero, Indiantown, Florida

Moreno Ranches Reviews“I’ve known Mr. Moreno for two years and in this short time, he has taught me many things about the commercial and purebred Brahman industries. He is the head of our Jr. Brahman Association and time after time has gone out of his way to help not only myself, but also many of his juniors. If it wasn’t for his help, myself as well as a few of the other juniors, would not have had the opportunity to have gone to the national show in Lufkin, Texas. I know that any time I need advice on my cattle herd, Mr. Moreno is the first person I will call!”
-Cole Newman, Lake Wales, Florida

“As a veterinarian, I can testify to the quality of cattle Moreno Ranches is putting in the Brahman marketplace. I have found the breeding quality is superior as well as the temperament and the bloodlines of the cattle they select to be magnificent. It is like they are bred to know what to do. They do well at sale, at shows and at home; “Dorito” [1,800 pound big red bull] is part of our family. Kylie is only 75 pounds and ten years old, but can handle “Dorito” without a problem. Because of that, she enjoys showing and wants to stay involved. Kelvin is very supportive of the youth in the cattle industry as whole and has a genuine interest in seeing the youth succeed.”
-Wendy Perra, Labelle, Florida

To learn more about Moreno Ranches, please give us a call. We’re happy to conduct a Brahman Cattle Ranch tour to qualified parties.

Brahman Cattle Breeding and Low Stress Techniques

We at Moreno Ranches are always striving to be the best breeder of Brahman cattle in the United States, if not the World. Like all goals, the importance is not necessarily in “achieving” the goal, but in the striving for it. One of the more novel aspects of genetics and breeding is the “personality” of the cattle themselves. Every cattle rancher wants Brahman cattle that are easy to handle, with docility being an attribute in the cattle to strive for.  Here, as believers in superior genetics, we recognize the proverbial debate between “nature” and “nurture.”  By “nature,” we try to select Brahman cattle for breeding with superior genetics as measured by docility; by “nurture,” we strive to have cattle handling and best management practices to encourage the desired behaviors.

Cattle Handling and the Disposition of Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle and DocilityOur cattle herdsmen spend a lot of their time with the cattle, and their goal is to “train in” the right kinds of characteristics. By having a systematic management system for the cattle, and the kinds of tried-and-true techniques, we handle our cattle in as quiet a manner as possible. Our stress-reduction tactics intend to give the cattle the kind of environment or “nurture” where their “nature” as gentle giants can be expressed. We are eager to discuss cattle disposition with potential buyers, and with anyone interested in breeding superior Brahman cattle.  We are also eager to discuss the genetics of “breeding in” docility as a desired trait.

Herman Detering and Low-Stress Brahman Cattle Handling

Among the more famous practitioners to whom we look for inspiration is Herman Detering. He is famous for “low stress” cattle handling and techniques.


Kelvin Moreno

Excellence in Florida Agriculture Goes to Kelvin Moreno

We use our blog here at Moreno Ranches to inform the community about what’s going on, in and around Moreno Ranches and of course the Brahman Cattle industry. So when this news came across the desk, we were justifiably proud. Here’s an excerpt –


Kelvin MorenoKelvin Moreno of Dade County Farm Bureau was named the winner of Florida Farm Bureau’s Excellence in Agriculture competition. This competition is open to farmers and ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35 who do not derive the majority of their income from an owned farm operation.

The winner was announced during the President’s Awards Banquet at Florida Farm Bureau’s 2014 Annual Meeting in Ponte Vedra Beach on Oct. 29. Finalists in the competition also included Tamara Wood of Pasco County and Kevin Wright of Suwannee County.

Contestants were judged on the basis of their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability, participation in Farm Bureau and community service. In addition to other prizes, Moreno received an expense-paid trip to the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting in San Diego Jan. 11-14, where he will compete in the national awards program.


You can learn more about the Dade County Farm Bureau here.

Brahman Cattle for Sale & Cyber Monday: Moreno Ranch Innovations

We at Moreno Ranches pride ourselves on innovation. We work hard to be the best breeders of Brahman cattle for sale, not only in Florida, not only in Texas, but in the whole United States. Moreover, while we live and breathe “ag,” we realize that (contrary to popular opinion, “ag” is very high tech). Our superior genetics and top-ranked Brahman heifers and Brahman bulls prove that fact: superior genetics is a way of life, here at Moreno Ranches.

Our First-Ever Cyber Monday Sale on Brahman Cattle & Related Products

Cyber Monday and Brahman CattleIn that spirit, we are doing something very techie and very innovative in the Brahman cattle industry: announcing our first-ever “Cyber Monday” sale. Cyber Monday, in case you didn’t know, is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, a day devoted to online commerce. The term made its debut on November 28, 2005, in a press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”. In 2013, Cyber Monday online sales grew by 20.6% over the previous year, hitting a record $2.29 billion. (Source: Wikipedia, In that spirit, we want to combine our superior genetics commitment with some good old-fashioned Cyber Monday promotion.

How Our Cyber Monday Sale on Brahman Cattle Works

We are setting aside a limited number of “first come, first served” opportunities to purchase from Moreno Ranches. All prices are fixed, not auction. Here are some items we’ll have on sale for Cyber Monday –

  • Frozen embryos in Moreno proven matings.
  • Brahman semen on elite herd sires and flushes.
  • Special build your own embryos, with some of the top donors in the business.

Registered Brahman Cattle for SaleIf you are a parent with a youngster interested in the cattle business, or you are a grown-up with a passion for Brahman cattle and superior genetics, get ready to avail yourself of our first-ever Cyber Monday sale on Brahman cattle products. For pre-details, call us at 305-218-1238. Stay tuned for more announcements as we move

closer to Cyber Monday.  

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