Innovative Brahman Junior Show with National Appeal, the Heartland Classic 2014, Announced by Moreno Ranches

Moreno Ranches, a top provider of registered Brahman cattle for sale at, is proud to announce their second, annual ‘Heartland Classic,’ a Junior Brahman Show, aiming for national appeal. The 2013 Heartland Classic was a huge success, giving young people a venue besides the annual county fair to show their Brahman cattle in an innovative, fun setting. The 2014 Junior Brahman Show promises to bring Juniors from Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and hopefully even across the nation to the ranch for two days of cattle shows and fellowship. Brahman Show for Juniors

“We are very excited to host this important Junior Brahman Show for Juniors,” explained Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. “Our mission as a ranch is to support the Brahman cattle industry, and the future starts with Juniors. Many Juniors have an eye, ultimately, towards the Brahman Junior Nationals, and introductory shows like ours can give them needed experience.”

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The Heartland Classic: An Innovative Brahman Show For Juniors

The innovative Heartland Classic bridges a gap between the traditional county fair and the big-time Junior Brahman Shows such as the American Junior Brahman Association’s All American National Show and the Florida Junior Brahman Association’s State Show. The objective is to bring Juniors together in a fun, supportive, learning environment to showcase their Brahman Show Heifers and Bulls. Two two-day event will be December 5-6, 2014, at Moreno Ranches in Venus, Florida, and will have a busy schedule of events. Among them a ranch tour, an educational series on cattle reproduction and genetics, a prospect steer show, a commercial Brahman heifer show, a Brahman female show, and a Brahman bull show. Juniors are invited to attend, and should contact Moreno Ranches for details immediately.

About Moreno Ranches

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