Registered Brahmans for Export, Brahmans for Sale in Mexico

Moreno Ranches, a top producer of Brahman cattle for export at, is proud to announce that they are attending the National Mexican Brahman Show, held May 18th – May 24th in Veracruz, Mexico. Officially the show is called The National Mexican Cebu Show, with ‘Cebu’ referring to the Brahman breed in the Spanish language.

“We have long had Brahman cattle for sale not just in the United States, but for export,” explained Kelvin Moreno, head of Moreno Ranches. “We have had Brahmans for export sale into Mexico of course, but also into Guatemala and Brahmans for Sale in Mexicoother Central American countries. Registered Brahmans for export are a growing part of our business, and a Mexican Brahman Show such as the National Mexican Cebu Show is an excellent opportunity to showcase our top-rated Brahmans for sale in Mexico. We are excited to see the best of the breed that Mexico has to offer, and see how ours compare.”

Schedule of Events: Mexican National Cebu Show

A preliminary schedule of events in Veracruz is as follows:

May 18 – A series of lecture courses on Brahman husbandry in Mexico
May 20 – Examination of male and female Brahman (judging competition)
May 21 – More examination of the females
May 22 – More examination of the males
May 23 – Final round of judging
May 24 – Announcement of the winner, Parade of Champions

Moreno Ranches hopes that interested parties in the Mexican, Guatemalan, and other Latin American cattle markets can join them at the National Mexican Brahman Show. For Moreno Ranches the week should be an invigorating mix of work (showcasing the ranch’s top-rated Brahmans for sale in Mexico) and pleasure (being around the breed to which the ranch has devoted so much, including extending Brahman popularity into Mexico).

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