Brahman Cattle

Brahman Show Cattle Are Looking Fine and Are For Sale at Moreno Ranches

There is a catchy phrase that architects use: form follows function. Lovely alliteration there (try saying it five times fast though). The idea is pretty simple, the shape and layout of something that gets built has to match the purpose for which it was constructed. The closer the two are aligned, the better the result. But Brahman show cattle are not buildings, so why bring this up?

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Brahman Heifers for Sale

A “Kodak Moment” with Dad, Mom, Kids, and a Brahman Heifer

We’re excited! We have inaugurating a brand-new sales event, the “12 Days of Christmas” online sale. The event runs from Dec 13th to Dec 24th. The “12 days” are for previewing the heifers we have for sale, which culminates in an auction on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

Everyone has a smartphone these days; therefore, everyone has a camera. So given the ease of shooting, people take pictures of the darndest things. Like their lunch. That’s just strange. And themselves, which is more understandable, but selfies are an epidemic! You know your kids are doing it; it’s got to stop. Here’s a thought. Give your kid something actually very photogenic to share on Instagram and Facebook: a lovely Brahman heifer. And since Amazon does not yet have them “in stock” (pardon the pun), consider getting that heifer from Moreno Ranches, as we also have all types of Brahman cattle for sale, including online during this “12 days” sales event.

33 - 744These not only look good, they are guaranteed to come of good stock. All the our Brahman cattle for sale at Moreno Ranches are backed by the the M-check verification program, a DNA-based stamp that confirms the cattle’s registration and parentage so you can rely on the blood-line we detail in the catalog.

Brahman Cattle For Sale: Details of the “12 Days of Christmas” Event

Please click “Get VIP Access” to enter your email to pre-register and gain insider access to the sale. This allows you to obtain the sales catalog which gives exclusive, full details about the Brahman cattle for sale (all heifers) offered in this sales event.

If you are a successful bidder, and purchase one (or take two, they’re small!) of the heifers, please note that we are offering free transportation of sale cattle to central locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Florida. Sorry, photo framing not available.

Brahman Heifer

Leader in Brahman Heifers for Sale, Moreno Ranches Announces Catalog Availability for 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Venus, Florida – December 7, 2015. Moreno Ranches is pleased to announce catalog availability for their upcoming “12 Days of Christmas Sale.” The sale will be held exclusively on December 24, and focuses on 12 quality Brahman heifers for sale. Both red and gray Brahman heifers will be available at the auction. 

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